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Bracing Muscles: Misunderstood, Even at the Highest Levels

  In this series, we’re going deep into the theory of bracing muscles and their role in body stabilization, and in doing so we’ve departed from the received wisdom of the scientific community, which has a poor (though developing) understanding of back pain.  I wrote my book, UPRISE, to push

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Byron Nelson

As the Masters golf tournament approaches each year my thoughts turn to Byron Nelson. As a ‘marginally’ famous back pain and sports medicine doctor, I often get to care for patients who are actually famous. I have pictures and mementos from these patients, but I only have one that hangs

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Empower Yourself to an Accurate Diagnosis

Most back doctors are lousy diagnosticians. The vast majority of my patients who have seen multiple back specialists tell me that I am the only doctor who has ever actually examined their back. The problem arises from an over-reliance on the MRI as a diagnostic tool. Few pain doctors are

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