Pain patients desperately want and deserve answers.
Together, we can offer them a roadmap for healing.

In over 40 years, there have been no significant advances in the understanding of low back pain. Forty. Years. At Body Guitar, our goal is to revolutionize the way the whole world approaches, treats and researches low back, neck and shoulder pain.

Unfortunately, though, we can’t see every patient in the world—that’s where you step in.
Our vision begins by teaming up with physicians like you to get as many people better as possible.

The Body Guitar Difference

Diagnostic-centered Care

Most pain physicians are not diagnosticians, as one would think. We believe a good diagnosis is the cornerstone for successful healing, but we don’t always rely on expensive imaging to get it.

Unlike any other specialty, the practice of pain—and the insurance coverage of it—has become an algorithm based on the MRI. Once the MRI achieved widespread use in pain medicine, it was thought to provide all the diagnosis one needed. Therefore, the practice of becoming experts in the patient’s medical history, physical exam and diagnosis was lost.

The truth is, without a proper physical exam, the MRI is not a reliable diagnostic tool. At Body Guitar, we put the focus back on the patient, providing all patients with a clear diagnosis and looking only to an MRI for confirmation.

Our Vision for Physician Referrals

What we do is completely different from what other physicians offer; Not only is the diagnosis more comprehensive, but the treatment is also. Our desire is to offer new insight into the difficult, common problems associated with back, neck and shoulder pain.


The Body Guitar Glossary

Our new way of thinking about low back pain requires new labels as a prompt, in aid of understanding.