Did you know that 40+ years, there have been no significant advances in back pain?
Forty. Years.

It’s time to revolutionize the pain industry and enter a new era of healing.

Spine & Body Podcast

In 2021, Dr. Sean Wheeler launched the Spine & Body podcast to change the way the whole world approaches, treats and researches low back, neck and shoulder pain.

In this podcast, Sean will be addressing hard-hitting industry questions, broaching tough conversations with  functional medicine and pain experts, and discussing trending industry topics like sleep, nutrition, gut biomes, supplements, posture.

The goal for Spine & Body podcast? To investigate  medicine in search of answers for how we, as doctors, can advance Pain Medicine and improve the lives of our patients.

Join us on our journey as we inspire everyday people like you to be empowered in your treatment of low back, neck and shoulder pain. Subscribe to Spine & Body podcast today and listen on your favorite podcast streaming platform!

Dr. Sean Wheeler