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Back-to-School Back Pain: Why It Matters

As parents, educators, and healthcare professionals, we want the best for our kids. If they are struggling in school, we do whatever it takes to help them succeed. If they are in band, we get them lessons. If they play sports, we practice in the yard. We’re concerned with what they

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Lighting The Match: Today’s Release of UPRISE Marks Medical Advance Identifying Cause of Chronic Back Pain

As detailed in his new book, UPRISE: Achieving Back Liberation by Tuning Your Body Guitar, #SportsMedicine and #BackPain authority Dr. Sean Wheeler — for the first time in modern medicine — uncovers the cause of modern back pain, revealing the WHY of how back pain is today the world’s most disabling disease. It is Dr. Wheeler’s hope that identifying this cause

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Sports Medicine and Back Pain Expert Dr. Sean Wheeler Discusses His New Book UPRISE

Oliver Finlay is an accomplished sports performance professional, a highly educated and chartered physiotherapist with over 16 years in top-tier national and international sport, supporting elite players and coaches in achieving the highest levels of athletic success. Based in Edinburgh, Finlay has worked with Olympic Medal winners and world champions, in addition to championship

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