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Join us on our journey as we address hard-hitting questions about how the world approaches, treats and researches low back/neck/shoulder pain and inspire patients to be empowered in their treatment.

Direct Primary Care w/ Dr. Jeff Gold

As we come towards the end of season 1, we present another insurance podcast and make the case for direct primary care. This is an ever changing world we live in, and the healthcare world is not just changing, but being forced into change. Dr. Gold presents the model he chose in this change and why. An entertaining podcast that is very timely.


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Direct Primary Care


Motor Skills w/ Dr. Rob Gray

On this episode we interview Dr. Rob Gray who is a motor skill acquisition expert. We discuss learning new skills and how perception plays a role in all motion. This episode continues our exploration of all things related to motion and pain.

Dr. Rob Gray is a professor at Arizona State University who has been conducting research on and teaching courses related to perceptual-motor skill for over 25 years. He received his MS and PhD from York University in Canada with a focus on the visual control of movement. He is also the host and producer of the popular Perception & Action Podcast.

Book: “How We Learn to Move: A Revolution in the Way We Coach & Practice Sports Skills” www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09K1T1TG4

Podcast: https://percep:onac:on.com/

Follow/contact: robgray@asu.edu https://twitter.com/ShakeyWaits

Burnout w/ Dr Shaawn Ali

This topic is for people of all professions, from salesmen to stay-at-home moms, but it is presented from a healthcare worker’s perspective. Join us as Dr Ali shares his expertise on a vital topic. Our interaction with each other has been limited in this pandemic and social media has driven a faux connection that has left us all relationship deficient. It turns out that real connection with each other may be the medicine we need!

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Dr. Shaawn Ali, D.O., CAQSM, a native of New Orleans graduated from William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2014 in Hattiesburg, MS. He completed his Family Medicine residency at Westchester General Hospital in Miami, FL, in 2017 while serving as Chief Resident.  During his training, Dr. Ali became the first ever resident to win Employee of the Month at his residency institution for leading healthcare screening initiatives to the underserved Miami community. Dr. Ali decided to pursue a fellowship in Sports Medicine in Lafayette, LA, at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.  He is board certified in Family Medicine & Sports Medicine.


After completing fellowship, he continued his passion of sports and education to teach fellows, residents, and medical students. In his role, Dr. Ali served as the Assistant Clinical Professor within the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship program. He held the positions of Director of Scholarly Activity, Chair of Wellness, and Site Director of Lafayette General Orthopedics. Dr. Ali has taken care of athletes from The Ragin’ Cajuns at the University of Louisiana- Lafayette, Team USA Boxing, several high schools, and many well known celebrities. Dr. Ali is trained in treating acute/chronic musculoskeletal injuries, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT), concussions, and utilizing ultrasound. He has served as an editor for Sports Medicine boards review course books.


Dr. Ali loves to travel and is fluent in six different languages. Dr. Ali is passionate about community outreach and is involved in rendering humanitarian aid to the global refugee population.  He finds importance and meaning in mentoring the youth, discussing physician burnout, and promoting economic intelligence.  In his free time, you can find him with his lovely wife, Zaina, cheering for the New Orleans Saints & Pelicans.  Dr. Ali is a girl dad


Sleep W/ Dr Mark Goodman

In this episode we tackle sleep and the results we get from the devices we use to measure it. Sleep is very important to our overall health. We are finding that many things can be modified in personal heath, but sleep remains essential and is undeniably tied to our well-being. The Guinness Book of World Records will not allow sleep deprivation records as it is considered too dangerous! Dr. Goodman provides an overview of sleep that is informative and entertaining.

Dr. Mark Goodman, M.D.

Director of Sports Medicine

Wild Health and Cross Fit Precision Care





Non-surgical Sports Medicine

Desert Orthopedics, Bend OR



First note a correction: I did not potty train my kids by myself. As a matter of fact, I did a minority of the work. I should have said: When WE were potty training our kids!


Heart Rate Variability w/ Dr Thomas Bottiglieri

Dr. Thomas Bottiglieri is a sports medicine physician at Columbia University in New York City. He presents heart variability, its uses, its potential uses and how one can find their own numbers. It is an interesting and potentially very useful modality in the monitoring of stress and recovery. Its use in so many other things is just being discovered. Join us for a great discussion!

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Dr. Leah Lagos

Dr Andrew Flatt

Dr. Marco Altini

Dr Ben Omalu

Dr. Vaschillo

Dr. Paul Lehrer

Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback for Postconcussion Syndrome: Implications for Treatment
Change in Heart Rate Variability after Concussion in a Collegiate Soccer Player


Low Carb Diet W/ Dr. Mahooti

Today’s episode begins a journey into how diet affects pain and lifestyle. It is a primer as Dr. Mahooti explains what lead him to start a nutrition program for his patients. This conversation will provide a framework for physicians and providers worldwide to do the same.

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Dr. Mahooti is board certified in family medicine and sports medicine, and holds a master’s degree in public health. His practice is focused on providing non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments for orthopedic and sports injuries as well as promoting therapeutic lifestyle changes to prevent and reverse diseases, and ultimately to achieve optimal health. Dr. Mahooti is passionate about guiding patients on their path to wellness. He pioneered a unique Therapeutic Lifestyle and Wellness Program that provides step-by-step guidance on Low Carb living in a group visit format.  He is currently developing a virtual model of health coaching.