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Join us on our journey as we address hard-hitting questions about how the world approaches, treats and researches low back/neck/shoulder pain and inspire patients to be empowered in their treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy w/Dr. Jim Lemons

Patients and clinicians alike need to embrace the value of stress control in pain. This episode is a reference to prepare oneself for what to expect when this modality is employed and to combat the feelings that patients may have that the clinician is suggesting that they are crazy. This is a very important show presented by a leader and founder in the field, Dr. Jim Lemons. Enjoy his story and explanation of cognitive behavior therapy.

Visit Dr. Lemons’ website for more information about Chronic Pain Rehabilitation

Breathe w/Shelley Lewis

Get ready to continue the revolution! The bus is loading up with more and more listeners as we continue on this path to change how the world treats back, neck and shoulder pain!

This week is a great episode as we interview physical therapist Shelley Lewis. She is a driven, compassionate professional who has really helped to form a lot of my views and opinions as we have gone through the years trying to fix patient’s issues. As you will see, her latest advancement in stability will solidify the post-procedure therapy necessity in anyone’s mind who is fortunate enough to listen. We are on the brink of an explosive movement forward in stability management. Buckle up.

Shelley is a Physical Therapist at College Park Physical Therapy and Exercise Sport Physical Therapy in the greater Kansas City area.

Trigger Point Pain w/Dr. Navid Mahooti

As we work thru musculoskeletal pain, we will begin to address many different causes and treatments of pain.
Today’s episode is the first of these. Trigger point pain is a common cause or factor in people’s pain. Join us as we talk to a national expert Dr. Navid Mahooti about trigger point pain and expand our knowledge of the subject.

Show Notes

Navid Mahooti, M.D., M.P.H. Sports Medicine Non-Surgical Regenerative Orthopedics Lifestyle Medicine North Shore Physicians GroupMass General / North Shore Center for Outpatient Care
Office: (978) 882-6700

Disc Bulges

In this episode we again take on commonly accepted knowledge in spine science and discuss how discs really break down. From the basics of heat control in a moving disc to our process of keeping patients from needing repeat epidurals, this is an important episode as we hope to shift the conversation of spine health with an understanding of how discs breakdown to change how we preserve and protect them. At the end, we discuss how insurance companies can save our health system.

Show Notes

SI Joint Pain

Sacroiliac joint pain may be a huge linchpin in future treatment of the lower back. If we can make the case for SI joint pain and how it is caused by other pain, then we can begin to destroy the low back pain algorithm that has led to so many problems in the treatment of back pain. This episode gets a little crazy as Dr. Wheeler pours his passion into defining this problem and his solution. Strap in… and enjoy!

Show Notes


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Facet Joint Pain

Join us today for an episode on facet joint pain. What is it? How does it lead to weakness and compensation & treatment that often leads to worse problems. This is an introductory commentary on a basic problem that leads to deeper complexity as we move along. Understanding is important as we slowly dig more and more into the problem of back pain treatment.

Show Notes