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Back Pain Treatment: No Effect Without Cause

Bubonic plague, or Black Death, is one of the great scourges of human history. In the 14th century it was responsible for the deaths of 25% — 60% of the European population alone. Today, while Bubonic plague has not been eliminated entirely, its effect on humans has been vastly downgraded from a

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Brace Yourself: The Reason Core Exercises Won’t Fix Your Back Pain

So many people are doing core strengthening these days and, in the past decade, we have physical therapists, personal trainers, and others who have become core strengthening experts. Fitness magazines regularly share the newest Best Core Workout for Back Pain, yet, there are an extraordinary number of people who work on their core and still

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For Back Pain Management, Be Mindful of Mindfulness

I recently shared my Google+ Collection — “Stretch It Out: Yoga and Pilates for Back Pain” — with fellow members of the Health and Wellness Networking Group on LinkedIn. The post sparked some interesting and intelligent thoughts, comments, and debate around the subject, and I thought I’d share some of

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Chronic Back Pain: The Top 5 Causes

In UPRISE, it is by design that I focus on exploring and explaining how the Body Guitar — your unique human back, including the lumbar spine (low back) and Bracing Muscles — can get so out of tune before delving into the readjustment process, which I call Tune Me. Understanding the

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Pilates for Back Pain? An UPRISE Q & A

I recently had the chance to join Wellness Practictioner Dr. Michelle Robin on her weekly radio show, Small Changes, Big Shifts. We talked in depth about the motivation behind my new book, UPRISE: Back Pain Liberation, by Tuning Your Body Guitar, a broken medical system that has not made any advances in

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Challenging The Need For Strength Training

While reading the New York Times this past week I was drawn to this column talking about how runners slow with age, and how strength training may help restore speed as we age, based on a new study published last month in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the journal of

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