Sports Medicine and Pain Expert Dr. Sean Wheeler’s New Book UPRISE

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Uprise book

What if everything you think you know about chronic back pain were wrong?

Despite 40 years of breakthroughs in medical science, patients suffering from chronic lower back pain do not experience sustained improvement. When treatments fail, we must ask: what is fundamentally wrong, and what needs to change?

UPRISE shines a spotlight on debilitating chronic back pain and asks the big question – why aren’t patients getting better?

The answer will shock you: your pain treatment is keeping you in pain.

Drawing upon more than a decade of specialized training, patient treatment and medical experience, in his new book UPRISE, Dr. Sean Wheeler explores the relationship between pain, spinal instability, muscle weakness and mobility keeping sufferers locked in a cycle of recurring pain.

UPRISE offers a new understanding of the body as the finely tuned instrument it is – as not only your body, but as your Body Guitar.

UPRISE introduces Tune Me, the new medical “orchestration” for your Body Guitar, a disruptive innovation to achieve back pain liberation – to achieve your UPRISE – so those you love may again hear the unique, beautiful music your life is intended to play.

For those who suffer from chronic low back pain, hope will soon have a new name: