To Ensure Mobility As We Age, Refresh Your Power to Remain Motionless

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While reading the New York Times this past week, I was drawn to this story of how runners slow with age, and how strength training may help restore speed as they age, based on a new study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.

To maintain running speed as the years pass, the study concludes runners should strengthen their calf and ankle flexor muscles.

Through strength training.

This conclusion is incomplete, as it ignores the power to remain motionless.

Whether or not a runner, as we age our bodies experience the loss of power affecting everyday mobility.

For specialized bracing muscles located in six high-performance locations within the body — ankles, feet, low back, neck, shoulders, hips — this loss of power is caused by a decrease in endurance, rather than a lack of strength.

At peak capability and as the label implies, bracing muscles brace, providing stability by not moving through spontaneous all day endurance, while our action muscles move intermittently only when called upon.

Understanding how our bodies must simultaneously retain the power to remain motionless AND the power to move, offers deep insight into how our bodies may retain mobility and achieve liberation from chronic pain.

At any age.

In aging, as diminished circulation — blood flow — to our bracing muscles cause them to lose their endurance and the power to remain motionless — to brace — our bodies attempt to make up for this loss by altering movements through, for example, shortening gait, restricting joint motion, and substituting action muscle strength for bracing muscle endurance.

These altered movements too often result in other physical ailments, leading to a remaining lifetime of decreased mobility and often chronic pain.

Begin the UPRISEing to refresh your power. For yourself, and those you care about.

To defy these limitations of aging.

Ask your healthcare provider and insurance plan for circulation training rather than strength training — to pump blood flow rather than pump iron — to restore endurance in affected bracing muscles.

Whether a dedicated runner or focused more simply on everyday mobility, together the power to remain motionless AND the power to move offers lifetimes of enjoyment.

For you.

And those for whom your everyday body mobility ensures your presence.

Surface your inner revolutionary.  UPRISE.