2015 Offers New Beginning for Treatment of Chronic Back Pain, Says Sports Medicine Expert Dr. Sean Wheeler

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Sports medicine and back pain expert Dr. Sean Wheeler has long been obsessed with pain. How pain, and its absence, affects behavior, competitiveness, and quality of life.

Drawing upon more than a decade of specialized training, patient treatment and medical experience, Dr. Wheeler has come to a breakthrough realization of how to effectively treat patients with chronic low back pain.

This realization is the topic of his soon-to-be published book UPRISE. The book itself serves as the launch for a larger discussion to prompt effective change within the healthcare industry—among medical practitioners, health insurance providers and those millions each year who suffer from chronic low back pain.

Dr. Wheeler believes so deeply in his realization—his new approach for the treatment of chronic back pain—that he has created an entirely new way to talk, think and take action about back pain. As an aid to prompt a long overdue revolution in chronic back pain treatment.

In his own words, read Dr. Wheeler’s Introduction to UPRISE:

We’ve had it wrong.

For decades, the healthcare industry has insisted that while they understand chronic back pain, there is no treatment that reliably achieves long-term relief.  For years, I was part of the medical profession that believed, practiced and even preached that understanding.

As a doctor, I marched in lockstep with my colleagues as I explained the lack of treatments offering permanent relief to patients suffering from chronic low back pain.  Both my colleagues and I saw no other options, beyond repetitive treatments offering varying degree of short-term relief.

After years of treating patients focused with my obsession to understand pain, one night after a long day at my clinic I was alone in my car driving home, puzzling out yet again what was I not seeing.  A whisper in my ear became the inspiration for challenging my long-held assumptions, and those of my colleagues.

From that moment forward, gone was the old way of thinking about the human body.  Gone was the old way of thinking about how to work out, how to move through the day, how to fully live life in our own bodies.  Gone too was the notion that nothing could reliably relieve chronic back pain.  My thinking underwent a dramatic shift.

This book reveals that shift, a fresh way to treat back pain.  This new thinking requires new labels—a new and simple vocabulary—as a prompt in aid of truly understanding your body, to properly care for it, and to see it as a beautiful instrument performing the music of your life, enjoyed by you and by others.

My whisper of realization is the inspiration for a new understanding of your body as the finely tuned instrument with which we are born and grow into—as not only your body, but as your Body Guitar®.  As with any musical instrument, when out of tune the result is often unbearable noise, rather than sweet music.

Also introduced is Tune Me®, the new medical orchestration for your Body Guitar, and the Action Muscles® and Bracing Muscles® controlling your Body Guitar.

Tune Me is a revolution for you.  A revolution in caring for your lumbar spine, your body, your Body Guitar, to achieve your liberation from chronic back pain.

To achieve liberation, a revolution requires an uprising.

Achieve yours.


Because we now have it right.