Theology of Suffering w/ Dr. Mike Scherschligt

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As practitioners, we are asked to address the physical and mental aspects of our patients. But this is not the whole person. In this episodes we address the spirituality of a chronic pain patient. This is a resource for all chronic pain patients as they try to find meaning in a difficult situation. This is meant to provide hope to people who feel hopeless, comfort to the uncomfortable and give an opportunity for practitioners to have a spiritual impact on their patients without having a spiritual discussion. Direct your patients who are Christian to this episode to help them find meaning in pain.


Show Notes

Dr. Mike Scherschligt is the founder and executive director of the Holy Family School of Faith. Mike has a Doctorate in Sacred Theology (STD) from the Marianum in Rome. In addition to their Catechism series, he is the author of the on-line series, Faith Foundations used to certify catechists throughout the United States. In addition to his work training catechists and spiritual mentors, Mike leads a number of pilgrimages to the Holy Land each year as well as a Divine Mercy Pilgrimage to Poland and special Marian Pilgrimage to Lourdes, Spain, Fatima and Guadalupe, Mexico. Mike and his wife Sandy have five children and reside in the Kansas City metro area.

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