Get Your Body in Tune:

A sports medicine approach to back, neck and shoulder pain.


If you’ve ever been told there’s no hope for your back, neck or shoulder pain, Body Guitar offers a newer, better path to healing that is diagnosis-focused, non-narcotic, rehab-centered and patient-empowering.


Our goal is to change the way musculoskeletal pain is treated worldwide. Together, we can raise the standard for patient care and take strides towards effective treatment of back, neck and shoulder pain.

Forget what you’ve been told about your pain.
There’s a better way.

Achieve a Pain-Free Life with Body Guitar’s Total Body Approach to Health.

What if we told you that your pain treatment is keeping you in pain? For decades, the healthcare industry has insisted that there is no treatment that reliably achieves long-term relief for chronic pain.

At Body Guitar, we’re working to change lives by combating a flawed system that keeps pain patients dependent on short-term solutions. Through our functional total body approach to back, neck and shoulder pain we are able to offer our patients real hope for a pain-free life.

Tune Your Body Guitar

Pain Treatment Options

Your body is a finely-tuned instrument. Like all finely tuned instruments, your body must be properly cared for in order to play the beautiful music it was intended to play. Care for your body and learn to use it correctly, and it will play music that is unique to you – your life song.

Sean M. Wheeler, M.D.

Back pain is one of the great failures of modern medicine. Low back pain is the most common cause of disability worldwide and yet there is no definite answer. If you struggle with low back pain, did previous doctors look at you or just your MRI/X-rays? Did you leave with a diagnosis or just an explanation of the algorithm? At Body Guitar Clinic, we promise you will get a diagnosis. Back pain is incredibly complicated and sometimes we need to unravel several problems, but there is a significant difference between a differential diagnosis and an algorithm. Come to the Body Guitar Clinic and see why we are different.

Neck pain is every bit as complicated as back pain, if not more so. Often, when someone has neck pain they also have shoulder pain. The problem with this is that most pain doctors only treat the neck and most orthopedic or sports medicine doctors only treat the shoulders. As someone who is trained in both pain and sports, Dr. Wheeler has a unique skill set that allows a one-stop approach to a difficult-to-manage problem. If you have struggled with neck pain or shoulder pain and treatment has proven difficult, this is your place.

UPRISE: Back Pain Liberation,
by Tuning Your Body Guitar

UPRISE, written by our very own Dr. Sean Wheeler, shines a spotlight on debilitating chronic back pain and asks the big question – why aren’t patients getting better?

This insightful read, that was Publisher Weekly’s National book of the week, explores why low back pain sufferers are too often locked in a cycle of recurring pain, why the healthcare industry itself is often the counterintuitive culprit, and what must change to effectively liberate so many from what has been identified as the leading cause of disability worldwide. To break this cycle, UPRISE offers a new understanding of the human body as the finely tuned instrument it is – as not only your body, but as your Body Guitar.

UPRISE is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoodReads.

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About Body Guitar

At Body Guitar, we are so much more to our patients than diagnostic physicians.

We are teachers, helping you gain a better understanding of HOW your body works, WHAT causes musculoskeletal pain and injuries, and WHY we recommend select treatment options.

We are healers with a non-narcotic, physical therapy centered approach, devoted to enhancing your quality of life

We are mentors, supporting and empowering you through each step of the healing process and providing you with the tools you need to live a pain-free life

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