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our new way of thinking about low back pain requires new labels as a prompt, in aid of understanding

stabilizing muscle in six different areas of your body, including your lumbar spine, your low back. You strengthen your Bracing Muscles® by building circulation to them. one of two types of human muscle. Bracing Muscles are solely endurance muscles, and are one of two types of human muscle. The second type we label Action Muscles.

movement muscles that appear throughout your body, one of two types of human muscle; Action Muscles trigger movement throughout your body, and are EITHER endurance muscles or ballistic muscles. You strengthen your Action Muscles by moving them. If your Bracing Muscles are not functioning properly, Action Muscles are called upon to compensate for weakness in your Bracing Muscles.

the unique human back, your back, including your lumbar spine [low back] and your Bracing Muscles – needed so your lumbar spine effectively goes to work for you, every day

the OS or operating system for your BODY GUITAR, requiring the pumping of your blood to your Bracing Muscles vs. pumping iron. Beyond strength training, one relies on Circulation Training – to strengthen the Bracing Muscles of your lumbar spine. This new way of addressing low back pain, this new OS, offers a revolutionary method of pelvic neutrality and true posture to both strengthen and provide tuning feedback on the Bracing Muscles of your BODY GUITAR.

a series of movements and exercises, performed regularly, that work to increase circulation – blood flow – to your low back Bracing Muscles; required for good health and quality of life as you age

the result of Circulation Training, which increases regular blood flow to your low back Bracing Muscles so they will reflexively perform effectively for you

your ability to move – to rise up and move in any direction – every day with little or no low back pain, which we label Pain Liberation; the outcome of your use of Tune Me

the fuller enjoyment of your life with those you care about and love as a result of understanding your Body Guitar, and the sharing of what you have learned to affect good health change

the benefit your experience by understanding your BODY GUITAR and your use of Tune Me, creating your UPRISE

a 180 degree refocus in how you care for your back – requiring 180 days to unlearn what you think you know about low back pain – your BODY GUITAR – and to understand and begin relying upon the Tune Me operating system – to achieve Pain Liberation.

Until now, few studies systematically examine what really works against repeated back pain and what doesn’t.

Gretchen Reynolds, NYTimes Well blog

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