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Sports medicine and back pain expert Dr. Sean Wheeler, has long advocated the power of good posture as part of a plan to overcome chronic low back pain.

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy has become a sensation through her rousing presentation at TED Global 2012 in which she demonstrates how "power posing" - standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don't feel confident - can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success, as reported in The New York Times.

Power Posing, as advocated by Ms. Cuddy, serves as an example of how a simple mindset, a mindful reorientation, can achieve significant results for those who adopt the thinking, and the doing.

In much the same way, Dr. Wheeler's anticipated new book, UPRISE, will inform readers of how a 180 degree shift in behavior, requiring 180 days to unlearn what you think you know about low back pain, is needed to make room to learn a new understanding of pelvic neutrality and posture to both strengthen and tune your Bracing Muscles:

A new understanding of your body as the finely tuned instrument it is – as not only your body, but as your Body Guitar - to achieve back pain liberation.

Read more of Dr. Cuddy's story, her research and findings in The New York Times and in other media reports

Dr. Sean WheelerDr. Sean WheelerDr. Sean Wheeler has long been obsessed with pain.

How pain, and its absence, affects behavior, competitiveness, and quality of life.

This obsession turned passion sparked a medical career investigating pain, which led to a new way of understanding – and treating – low back pain, as described in his soon to be published book, UPRISE.   

Having served as team physician for several member NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA athletics programs, Dr. Sean is invited to speak at venues such as the University of Notre Dame Athletics Department.

Awarded a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Kansas School of Medicine, and board-certified in Sports Medicine and Pain Management, he has practiced medicine for 20 years. His passions remain Susie, his wife and their six children, playing guitar, and patients everywhere. 

Reserve your copy of UPRISE, scheduled for publishing in early 2015, and learn more about sports medicine and back pain expert Dr. Sean Wheeler, and how back pain liberation is achieved at

Lynne Litt“An extraordinary book, UPRISE illuminates the challenges, causes, and solutions to back pain.  The medical explanations and the new vernacular Dr. Sean Wheeler creates are easy to follow and more importantly, to remember.  As one who suffers from nerve pain in my foot due to back weakness – or weak Bracing Muscles, as Dr. Wheeler would say – I was particularly impressed at how well Dr. Wheeler painted the picture of the body, how it is supposed to work, and how things get off balance." - Lynne E. Litt, award-winning Television Writer and Producer, including the Writers Guild of America Best Dramatic Series Award for the popular Television series LOST.

UPRISE is scheduled for publishing in early 2015, authored by sports medicine and back pain expert Dr. Sean Wheeler.

Biking Across the Katy TrailAmong the many good things that occur as a result of back pain liberation - which occurs by keeping your Body Guitar® in tune - is the opportunity to expand your life with fuller and more fulfilling life experiences.

As an example, sports medicine and back pain expert Dr. Sean Wheeler points to the story of Riding Across Missouri on the Katy Bike Trail, discussed in The Pack, the blog of Merrell footwear company, maker of high-performance hiking boots:

The Katy gets its name from the old MKT [Missouri-Kansas-Texas] railroad that formerly occupied its length. The right-of-way was purchased by the state and the completed bike trail was opened in 1996.

Sometimes jokingly referred to as the narrowest state park in the country, the Katy’s relatively flat, crushed limestone surface stretches from Clinton, Missouri in the west to St Charles in the east.

In 2011 the eastern Trail terminus was extended another 25 miles to Machens, Missouri, for a total Trail length of 240 miles.

While The Pack story discusses the adventure of biking the Katy Trail over three-days, for which you may learn more about accomodations, food and drink, and needed gear at, your UPRISE from back pain can also include expeniences taking less time and even more enjoyable. Anything becomes possible, when you become unlocked from the cycle of recurring pain.

Read more of what is possible as you develop a new understanding of the body as the finely tuned instrument it is – as not only your body, but as your Body Guitar - and the new medical “orchestration” for your Body Guitar - Tune Me® - to achieve your liberation from back pain.

e0a70f72bdae9885bfc32d7cd19a26a1 LSurprised?

If you have ever had back pain, you know how serious and debilitating the pain can be. For many, back pain is a constant and crippling ailment. Back pain, quite literally, ruins lives. And the problem is rampant and growing.

In the United States alone, the economic impact of low back pain exceeds $100 billion in total costs each year

Up to 80 percent of Americans will experience significant back pain at some point in their lives. Many of them will go on to experience chronic back pain.

Annually, 15 percent of all adults are treated for problems related to back pain, such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, lumbar pain, facet joint pain, and the list goes on.

Is there hope these numbers may be decreased anytime soon?

Says sports medicine and back pain expert Dr. Sean Wheeler, for low back pain hope has a new name, found in the title of his new book:


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