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Sports medicine and back pain expert Dr. Sean M. Wheeler, has been extended an invitation to speak before the 3rd International Conference on Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, hosted May of 2015 in San Antonio, USA.

The 2015 Conference will focus upon Trends and New Approaches in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and attracts world class scientists, researchers, and policy makers, according to Conference organizers:

Research from prominent institutions and thinkers will be discussed during the Conference to promote knowledge dissemination, serving as a public stage in which public/private partnerships, academic and industry collaborations can materialize, leading to research, academic and practical innovation. 

Papers presented during the Conference are published in the International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

Further information will be shared as details become available.


2014-12-17 07.49.35 amAs sports medicine and back pain expert Dr. Sean Wheeler will soon reveal in his new book UPRISE, it is indeed time for a new type of diagnosis in back care.

A Who's Who of experts in spinal problems and back pain, led in consultation with Sam W. Wiesel, MD, agree, as discussed in this report titled Is It Time for a New Type of Diagnosis in Back Care, from The Back Letter, a monthly newsletter published for healthcare professionals, leading with this provocative question:

Is following statement true or false? A scientific approach to the evaluation of back pain will usually lead to a precise diagnosis and specific treatment.

As the back pain...field knows, that statement is clearly false.

The report goes on to say:

The diagnosis of back pain is an exercise in frustration. Back problems result in an accurate and valid diagnosis in only a small minority of cases - less than 15%, according to most estimates.

Read the full story in The Back Letter.

Watch for Dr. Wheeler's book UPRISE – and his breakthrough diagnosis for low back pain – in early 2015.


the-most-valuable-player-in-sports-is--this-doctor-panoramicJames R. Andrews, MDDr. James Andrews is well known for performing orthopedic surgery on high-profile athletes from a wide array of sports.

The subject of an ESPN story praising his talents offered this quote:

"[Andrews] is the alpha doc at the center of a sports-medicine network that extends well beyond doctors. Every athletic trainer, physical therapist, strength-and-conditioning coach in the land seems to have Andrews' cell phone number."

Dr. Andrews, a founding partner and medical director for the Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center, and co-founder of the American Sports Medicine Institute, is also profiled in media such as Sports Illustrated, the Washington Post and Fast Company.

Dr. Andrews has this to say about Dr. Sean Wheeler, himself a sports medicine and back pain expert who trained with Dr. Andrews, and Dr. Wheeler's soon to be published book, UPRISE:

"Dr. Wheeler's book presents interesting ideas challenging conventional thinking.  It is hoped that his sports medicine, outside the box approach contributes to positive movement in spinal health." 

Following on earlier advance praise for UPRISE described here from award-winning Television Writer and Producer, Lynne E. Litt  including the Writers Guild of America Best Dramatic Series Award for the popular Television series LOST  Dr. Wheeler's book UPRISE may be on its way to becoming a must read when published. 

UPRISE will be published in early 2015. 

Sports medicine and back pain expert Dr. Sean Wheeler speaks of the revolution needed in medicine and patient care, by raising these questions on behalf of back pain sufferers everywhere:

Why can't we fix back pain?

As a sufferer, why must I spend my life in back pain?

Why can't anyone tell me why my pain will not improve beyond existing short-term remedies?

The answer, according to Dr. Wheeler, is due to a fundamental flaw within the healthcare profession, in not looking systematically at the human body to fully understand the role of muscles in causing back pain, and their role in achieving long-term sustain back pain relief.

As outlined in his soon-to-be-published new book UPRISE, Dr. Wheeler is preparing to launch a revolution within healthcare, challenging the status quo based on good medicine and a single big idea, to change the constitution of your life, of your body, to achieve back pain liberation.

Look for more in coming weeks on these pages.

UPRISE book jacketWhat if everything you think you know about chronic back pain were wrong?

Despite 40 years of breakthroughs in medical science, patients suffering from chronic lower back pain do not experience sustained improvement. When treatments fail, we must ask: what is fundamentally wrong, and what needs to change?

UPRISE shines a spotlight on debilitating chronic back pain and asks the big question – why aren’t patients getting better?

The answer will shock you: your pain treatment is keeping you in pain.

Drawing upon more than a decade of specialized training, patient treatment and medical experience, in his new book UPRISE, Dr. Sean Wheeler explores the relationship between pain, spinal instability, muscle weakness and mobility keeping sufferers locked in a cycle of recurring pain.

UPRISE offers a new understanding of the body as the finely tuned instrument it is – as not only your body, but as your Body Guitar.

UPRISE introduces Tune Me, the new medical “orchestration” for your Body Guitar, a disruptive innovation to achieve back pain liberation – to achieve your UPRISE – so those you love may again hear the unique, beautiful music your life is intended to play. 

For those who suffer from chronic low back pain, hope will soon have a new name: 


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